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Top seven perfume brands women swear by

The scent that a woman wears can tell you a lot about her personality. Whether you prefer a fun and flirty perfume or a bold, spicy scent, there is plenty of choice. With some of the biggest perfume brands taking this into consideration, it is no wonder that their new fragrances consistently hit the top-selling lists. Here we look at some of the best selling women's perfume and the brands that produce them.

Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabonee Olympea

The Paco Rabanne brand is synonymous with high-quality scents that are frequently seen in the most popular lists. Lady Million is currently one of the most purchased scents out there, with its diamond-shaped bottle and fruity tones helping to produce a perfume that looks and smells like a million dollars.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford is excellent at producing intriguing scents that emit a sense of timeless glamour. Black Orchid is one of these scents, with its classic rich and spicy tone perfect for those looking for an alluring fragrance. Its black and gold glass bottle epitomises the art of creating iconic aesthetics and luxury scents.

Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler

One of the most creative perfume brands, Thierry Mugler produces scents that not only smell amazing but also look like a work of art. Alien is currently a bestseller, with its vivid purple bottle created to embody the preciousness of the amethyst stone. It has a sensual, citrus tone, which is the perfect feminine scent.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

With many years of experience, the scents created by Hugo Boss often feel more sophisticated than others. This is a brand that consistently produces elegant scents with a modern twist. Boss The Scent For Her is a zesty yet delicate perfume that is beautifully presented in a pink and rose gold bottle to embrace the air of femininity that the scent provides.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy

A big name that produces some of the best fun fragrances, Marc Jacobs is probably most commonly associated with his Daisy scents, which have been frequent inclusions in the best selling women's perfume ranks. Decadence is also highly popular, with its bold scent and exquisite bottle designed in the style of a Marc Jacobs handbag - something that makes it look and feel like a designer perfume.


Gucci Guilty

A name that embodies confidence and class, Gucci is often the go-to scent for women who want a strong perfume to match their personality. Its Bamboo perfume does this perfectly, with its natural tones intertwining with exotic floral scents to create a feminine fragrance that manages to go hand-in-hand with power and strength.

Roberto Cavalli

Robert Cavalli Just Cavalli

With the ability to produce some of the most alluring scents available, it is no wonder that Roberto Cavalli fragrances are so popular. Just Woman is a provocative scent that is the epitome of fun, which is something the bottle also reflects. Its gold and pink tones provide the perfect playful yet sensual tones to showcase the scent exceptionally well.

With such as decadent choice of scents available, which is your go-to fragrance?

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