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Top eight long-lasting perfumes for women

For thousands of years, women have anointed themselves with scented lotions and precious oils to create a magnetic aroma. Smelling good is less complex today, with plenty of perfumes to choose from and spraying signature scent onto the skin taking only a moment. There are thousands of fragrances on the market today, but let's have a look at some of the most long-lasting. Many of these were developed by French perfumiers and designers, who seem to have a knack for creating classic and popular perfumes for women.

Scent of a woman

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel was not only an innovator in fashion but also a powerhouse in the fragrance department. The perfume now known as Chanel No 5 was the first the designer launched and is still a bestseller. The iconic, minimalist bottle has not changed either and still looks great.

Guerlain is another formidable French brand that has been producing exquisite cosmetics and classic fragrances for many years. Shalimar, created in 1921, contains bergamot, jasmine and frankincense to form a fragrance that is still one of the most popular perfumes for women.

Yves St Laurent needs no introduction as yet another innovative and trendsetting French designer, with the perfume Opium from his fashion house needing little introduction either. It is one of those perfumes that lingers and is very distinctive - this is a fragrance you will detect on many women at opening nights and glamorous functions. It has notes of mandarin and bergamot, which are deepened with myrrh.

Kenzo Flower has been around for nearly 20 years and has endurance power as a popular floral scent in a distinctive clear bottle containing a poppy. Kenzo is a yet another French fashion house; however, it was founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada.

Smell of seduction

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci is one of those classic perfumes that you see on women's dressing tables throughout the world. This floral fragrance has spicy notes that have endeared it to millions of women for decades.

Anais Anais is another floral scent, this time from the French fashion house Cacharel. The marketing initially aimed this fragrance at young women, and it worked. This perfume is a classic and considered one of the first serious perfumes a young girl might wear.

Christian Dior is yet another famous name from France that has left his mark on the fashion and perfume world. Dior's first perfume, Miss Dior, was launched in 1947 and is still a best-seller. Named after the designer's sister, Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman is the current face of Miss Dior.

Calvin Klein is another fashion house with an international profile; this time, the designer behind it is American. Obsession was launched in 1985 and its advertisements once featured a naked Kate Moss. The perfume, and the campaign once used to promote it, will always be a classic.

Which is your favourite perfume, and which would you like to try next?

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