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How to Choose an Essence That Complements Your Personality

If you are new to the world of perfumes and are struggling to make a choice, or if you are a seasoned fragrance wearer searching for your signature scent, our handy guide to choosing an essence to complement your personality is a great place to start. The scent you wear makes you stand out and is often what people associate with you. Finding a perfume that complements your personality means that you will leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

What Sort of Fragrance Should You Choose?

First of all, consider what is important to you about a scent. Do you want to smell fresh, floral, fruity or spicy? What will your perfume say about you?

If you feel that feminine and summery are perfect words to describe you, think about an airy fragrance such as a flower blend, or even one with a singular note of jasmine or rose. Flower scents are currently the most popular choice for women who fragrance shop in the UK, and they will leave you smelling clean and light.

We are often attracted to smells because of our memories. If you have fond recollections of holidays by the sea or lazy strolls through the meadows, fresh scents are ideal. You may prefer the idea of an essence that is less "perfume" and more suitable for general daytime wear. A refreshing scent will remind you of freshly mown lawns and clean washing drying in the breeze.

Perhaps you think of yourself as exotic and mysterious. Musky and spicy scents are an ideal choice if you want to smell beautifully enticing. Perfumes with spices, oriental notes and rich fruits will ensure that your fragrance is sensual and alluring.

Tips for Buying Perfumes

When you visit a fragrance shop in the UK, the vast array of perfumes on offer can feel intimidating. However, if you are aware of how perfumes are designed, you are more likely to enjoy choosing your next scent.

A fragrance will be made up of "notes". The top note is what you smell first and the base notes add a depth. Base notes take around half an hour to come through, so don't decide on a scent straight away. Give it time to develop and it might smell very different.

Fragrance is available in different concentrations, the highest - perfume - being the most expensive because it will last all day. Eau de parfum lasts about six hours, eau de toilette slightly less and eau de cologne will need a few applications throughout the day.

If you have chosen the perfume for you, consider shopping for your perfume online. There are often websites with special offers to help you save some cash.

Enjoy your experience - once you know the sort of scent you are looking for, making a choice should be a fun and interesting experience. Take a friend, test some fragrances and choose a new signature scent to show the world who you are.

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