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8 Things to Consider When Buying Your Perfume

If you buy perfume online in the UK, choosing can be confusing. Here are some tips on purchasing the perfect fragrance.

1. Nostalgic Scents

Do you find that particular perfumes transport you back to your grandmother's embrace, the thrill of going out in your teenage years or a romance? This is because perfumes become associated with positive and negative experiences as we experience life, triggering memories.

2. Eau De Parfum vs Eau De Toilette

Eau de parfum (EDP) is longer-lasting: if you applied it at 8am, 50 per cent would remain by evening.

Cheaper eau de toilette (EDT) mostly consists of top notes. If applied at 8am, 80 per cent would be gone by noon.

3. Perfumes to Match Your Mood

Perfumes flavoured with rose are soporific, while black pepper will keep you awake. Bergamot oil can clarify the mind, patchouli is mood enhancing, and lavender oil can reduce stress.

4. Testing Scents

Don't expect a perfume to smell the same on you as it does fresh out of the bottle. The 'heart' notes of the scent - the body of the fragrance - only emerge later.

A perfume you wear will smell differently on someone else, due to a bacterial reaction in the skin.

After shopping for a while, alcohol in the perfumes will induce a numbing sensation, and you will need time out to rest your nose.

5. Perfume Families

The sheer quantity of perfumes on the market is overwhelming - it can be useful to learn about fragrance categories to help you choose.


Clean, elegant notes including citrus, organic and green are part of this family. The effect is crisp and youthful.


Jasmine, lilies, magnolia and rose are typical of this group. Fruity (pomegranate, strawberries and guava) and oriental (nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon) floral blends also delight.


Sandalwood, birchwood and cedar summon up the great outdoors and are popular in men's fragrances.


Dramatic and bold, oriental themes are not for the shy. Sensual influences include nutmeg, cinnamon, leather and patchouli.

6. Expensive Ingredients

Top-quality perfumes can be very expensive. Often vast numbers of flowers need to be picked by hand - for example, jasmine requires five million blossoms to create just a kilo of oil.

7. How to Store Your Perfume

To store your perfume effectively so it won't spoil, avoid heat and sunlight. This includes your bathroom and bedroom windowsills.

8. Buying Online

If you want to buy perfume online in the UK, you should be able to get a good discount due to the store's low overheads.

Read the perfumes' descriptions carefully, taking account of the fragrance categories. Ideally, you should have tested a perfume sample before you sit at your computer to order a bottle.

Check for reasonable shipping rates before you buy.

Follow our advice here to find a scent that's truly in tune with you.

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